"This is the part where you find out who you are, as long as your still breathing you can start a new beginning." 


Our mission is to be a support system for our community who need alcohol and substance abuse treatment as well as personal assistance dealing with the problems of addiction. New Beginnings is an outpatient substance abuse treatment facility with certified professional counselors . Our substance abuse program provides a full spectrum of addiction and mental health treatment services designed to meet each person exactly where they are on their road to recovery.  Our clinicians have studied and researched the best practices  for optimal outcomes that allow our clients to go from"surviving" recovery to "thriving" in recovery.  By taking the time to explore thinking patterns, emotions and behaviors we can identify underlying issues of addiction and allow us to target specific challenges, needs, and concerns of each individual. Every addiction is unique, which is why we develop personal and comprehensive curriculums that seek out which support will arm and empower our clients to embrace the recovery process by making it their own. We believe that recovery is most effective when clients aren't simply asked to eliminate the symptoms, but rather develop the skills to live authentically without merely replacing one addiction for another unhealthy coping mechanism.  


New Beginnings Substance Abuse Assessments: 

  • Group/Individual services for DOT
  • Group/Individual services for EAP

  • DWI

  • Substance Abuse Addiction
  • Drug Citations

  • Alcohol Citations


Substance abuse classes and services

 Effective substance abuse treatment begins with an assessment with one of our certified clinicians, where clients and counselors map out an individuals specific needs and based on these needs they are given a recommendation for treatment. Our counselors and group facilitators are eager to help you or your clients navigate their legal issues conveniently and discretely. Our commitment to our clients that are primarily here to resolve their legal issues is to educate them so that the problems do not keep reoccurring.  During treatment our clients are able to make changes that leave them with the life skills necessary to have an ongoing positive impact on their lives.


Programs available in each Office:

Substance Abuse Assessment Fee                                                                                                                                                       $75.00

15 Hour Drug Education Classes

                                       Short Term - 5 Sessions - No Absences - 1 Group Per Week - $30 a Group                                            $150.00 

20 Hour Treatment/ Education Program

                                         Short Term - 7 Sessions - 2 Absences - 1 Group Per Week - $45 a Group                                              $315.00

30 Hour Treatment Program

          Short Term - 11 Sessions - 3 Absences - Can Come Once or Twice a Week - $45 a Group                    $495.00 

40 Hour Treatment Program

                                          Long Term - 14 Sessions - 4 Absences - Can Come Once or Twice a Week - $45 a Group                    $630.00

Warning signs of drug and alcohol abuse vary depending on the substance, but may include:

  • Concern from others that one has a problem with alcohol or drugs
  • Needing more alcohol or other drugs to get the same desired effect or high
  • Withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol when use is discontinued
  • Unsuccessful attempts at quitting drugs or alcohol on one’s own
  • Drinking alcohol in secret or lying about drinking habits or how much alcohol one is consuming
  • Using alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism to relax or feel better
  • Jeopardizing work and relationships due to drug or alcohol use
  • Taking more of painkiller/prescription medication than needed
  • Running out of pain medication/prescription pills before the prescription is eligible for refill
  • Shopping around for doctors for pain medication/prescription pills
  • “Blacking out” regularly from drinking too much
  • Not being unable to stop drinking once one starts (i.e., drinking the whole bottle of wine, all the beer in the house, etc.)
  • Drinking or drugging in dangerous situations, like at work, against doctor’s orders, while driving or in situations where one’s life or the lives of others are jeopardized
  • Relationship problems due to alcohol or drug use
  • Physical deterioration such as weight loss or poor hygiene or self-care practices
  • Withdrawal from friends and social activities
  • Sleeping more or less than usual



Charlotte Office:

Wednesday Nights: 6:00pm to 8:45pm

Saturday Mornings: 9:30am to 12:15am



Indian Trail Office:

Tuesday Nights: 6:00pm to 8:45pm

Thursday Nights: 6:00pm to 8:45pm

Saturday Mornings: 9:30am to 12:15am



Gastonia Office:

Monday Nights: 6:00pm to 8:45pm